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Acana makes Biologically Appropriate™ dog and cat foods from Fresh Regional Ingredients and we make them from start to finish in their very own award-winning kitchens.

Their mission represents a new standard in pet food, designed to nourish your dog and cat in two ways. First, according to its natural evolution to a meat and protein-rich diet. Second, using meats, poultry, eggs and fish that are sustainably ranched, farmed or fished by local suppliers and delivered to our kitchens fresh each day.

The Honest Kitchen

The Honest Kitchen premium food is a dehydrated whole food in raw format that is reconstituted fresh for every meal. Unique food sources are chosen to provide optimal nutrition in this fresh (low preservative) product. Eight dog and two cat varieties exist to meet every pet's need.

As a reconstituted product, these meals are excellent for incorporating nutritional supplement and for pets with nutritional and digestive issues.

Horizon Pet Food

Horizon Pet Foods are innovative grain free pet foods that apply the same nutritional philosophies of a raw diet but in a convenient super-premium kibble. This ancestral diet, grounded in an historical understanding of your pet's nutritional needs, contains an abundance of fresh, human grade meats combined with fruits, vegetables, unique botanicals and supplements all designed for immune health.

** We Proudly Serve Horizon Pulsar Chicken As Our Standard Kennel Diet

Happy Birthday to Me!

We carry Bosco & Roxy's famous dog biscuits. made from 100% awesome....from Canada. These dog treats look and taste good enough to eat (I had only one). We even have their Happy Birthday 9" Bone shaped cookie....Party!

Planet Dog ; Made in America

We have tried to pick vendors that reflect the same spirit as we do, therefore we carry the eco-friendly toys from Planet Dog, and the super tough toys of Tuff-Enuff. Our leashes and collars are made in America by two companies Up-Country, and Spindrift.

While some of our foods and treats are Made in Canada (for ingredient reasons) their companies embrace the same Can-Do attitude towards quality that we do.

EZyDog Harnesses

EzyDog harness are super cool and built strong. Your dog will look ultra cool and be ultra safe in its EzyDog harness and seatbelt restraint system, or while walking with its Zero Shock leash.

Every dog should be an EzyDog!

And More, like West Paw Design, Freedom No Pull Harness, Kurgo Designs, Ifetch, Himalayan Dog Chews


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