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As you can imagine, quotes are general quotes and are subject to minor adjustments based on animal size, severity of issue, cooperation, and seasonal variances. Naughty dogs may incur additional handling fees. Boarding rates are also dog-size dependent and quoted rates do not reflect allowances for breeds. A seasonal increase of 5% will occur to cover the costs of additional staffing required to provide excellent service during the high-demand holiday periods. 

***Prices are subject to change***

ALERT Effective September 1st 2018 rates will increase on all services. This is our first rate increase in 5 years. Prices listed below are post-Sept. 1st rates.

Boarding Rates (seasonal)
 Standard -no run $31.50 / day
Standard + run $42 / day
Corner Interior $47.50 / day
Deluxe - no run $42 / day
Deluxe + run $47.50 / day
Executive (+run) $63 / day Holiday 
Executive Kennel $36.50/day
Additional dog per run is approx $ 21 (per each additional guest - size limitations exist)

Kitty Condo $21 / day  (Second Kitty -same condo+ $10)
Holiday Surcharge
To safely accommodate the increased number of pets during holiday times  we must add support staff to ensure pet safety and facility cleanliness. Unfortunately this means additional expenses. To offset this  we must charge a surcharge of 5% during certain busy holidays and weekends. To see a list of times where surcharges apply, see our
Holiday Surcharge Table.


Daycare - single day $26
10-day package $234* (10% savings)
30-day package $624* (20% savings)
Temperment Testing $15 (see daycare info)
*See refund policy

Holistic Veterinary Services

Consultation/Exam $35-50 per exam
Chiropractic $35-55 per treatment
Acupuncture $35 per treatment
Nutrition/Weight $45 per consultation
Physical Therapy $20 per session

Grooming Services*

Bath & Brush $35-45
Bath & Trim & Brush $45-55
Bath & Clip & Brush $55-75
(size dependent: add 10% for giant)

Clean Pet Services*

Brush Out/Dematting $35 per hour
Ear Cleaning $12-20
Ear Pluck $20
Nail Trim & Grind $12
Nail Paint $7
Foot Pad Trimming $15
Tooth Brushing $12
Dental Treat $3
Flea Bath $7.5
Anal Glands $15
Premium Bow Package $5
Cologne Spritz $3

Spa Services

Relaxing Brush (15 min) $15
Aromatherapy $28
Massage (30 min) $28

Kitty Cuddle (20 min) $10

* Certain grooming service prices are size & breed dependent!

See our kennel size guide to estimate what size kennel is best for your pet. We reserve the right to determine what size kennel is appropriate for each pets stay. Also, if boarding multiple pets in one run we suggest booking a larger (rather than smaller) kennel as to help "keep the peace" among roommates. Additional services available during your pet's stay include specialty foods, training packages, & health assessments.

REFUND POLICY (AKA. Fine Print section): While we are happy to refund purchases on certain items, others we cannot. Because food items/treats are perishable we are unable to refund sales associated with these items unless within a 48 hr period post purchase. All receipts must be present, and items must be undamaged and unopened. For non-perishable things, we will allow refunds on undamaged, unused, or unopened items with a receipt. Some items may require a delayed processing. Any refund on credit card transactions over $50 will incur a 3% processing fee. Boarding or daycare packages pre-paid but unused may be exchanged for store credit, however discounts given for package purchase are revoked and charges are recalculated at single use fees prior to store credit being issued (yes, I know its confusing but there is logic to the madness). We do not issue refunds on grooming. Grooming and clipping dogs (or cats) is an art, and so mis-clips or variations in desired clip are an assumed risk with any grooming, anywhere.


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